Learning Resources

Game-Based and STEAM-focused Learning Resources to be used in Farming Education Brief information on the next step:

This WP’s primary purpose is to provide open educational resources and extracurricular lesson plans for use in place-based learning with farm-school cooperation. The primary goal of the project is to combat climate change by increasing environmental awareness and making the EU Green Deal a priority. Besides, quality of school education and integrating the STEAM approach and nature pedagogy into outside-classroom activities are the other goals of the project. Moreover, empowering farming education and promoting farms as a pedagogical and educational environment is another aspect of the project. In this regard, the following goals will be contributing to the overall objectives of the project:

*Establishing the skills, attitudes, and knowledge that students will develop throughout the practical sessions built around the various learning resources developed - raising awareness;
*Combining environment-oriented activities with STEAM-focused activities so as to create unique interdisciplinary materials for competency-based learning-school education success;
*Providing hands-on experience to trigger creative thinking -questioning -argumentation -raising awareness & nature pedagogy & farming education;
*Creating opportunities for personal experiences (both for students and teachers) in a place that has a significant impact on the sense of context-raising awareness & school education success.

What will be the main results of this work package?

The concrete outcomes of the WP3:

  • Design and development of Game-Based and STEAM-focused course & curriculum
  • Open education resources consist of 12 modules.
  • 24 Lesson plans to cover a school term for outdoor learning enriched STEAM activities