Osmangazi District of the National Education Directorate

Osmangazi District of the National Education Directorate is a public body under the Ministry of National Education. Our Directorate, which was established on 15.08.1988, is the official educational authority responsible for the monitoring, evaluation and development of all official and private education institutions in Osmangazi, which is the largest city with a population of 850.000 in the center of Bursa. There are 257 official and 186 private education institutions within the scope of our directorate.

Depending on the duties and responsibilities under the Ministry of National Education Directorate, we have 8 departmental managers and one District Director of National Education in the fields of education and training. Our directorate has been carrying out its activities in such areas; as strategy development, human resources and management, guidance and supervision, primary-secondary and high school and vocational education, media and cooperation, measurement and evaluation, examination services, and lifelong learning for adults. Each departmental unit has its own tasks, responsibilities, and human resources and they all implement Projects within these units. 

Our Directorate also plays an active role in creating educational policy while conducting projects for the students, teachers, adults and parents involved in education. In addition, they organize seminars, conferences, in-service training courses, creating educational resources, materials and e-learning applications.

As a state body, our Directorate has been trying to ensure that the educational activities in our district are conducted and supervised at the highest quality standards. Thus, Osmangazi MEM has always been involved in Projects and cooperated to disseminate and make sustainable of all educational results.

Osmangazi MEM has also coordinated several pilot test sessions in different schools by adapting and developing existing new solutions in programs according to Turkish National Education priorities and disseminating the results and outcomes.