Osmangazi Municipality

Osmangazi Municipality is a public institution affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Our municipality was established on 18.06.1987. Osmangazi is the largest and central district of Bursa, which is the 4th largest city of Turkey and consists of 17 districts. Our municipality serves Osmangazi, which is one of the biggest districts of Turkey, with a population of 862,516 people, 136 neighborhoods and an area of 70,783 hectares. 

The organizational chart of our municipality consists of 9 deputy mayorships and 23 directorates, and there are 2901 employees within the municipality. At the same time, the Municipal Council, the Municipal Committee and the Mayor form the municipal bodies. The main fields of activity of the services provided in our municipality are; development management, environmental services management, cultural services management, social support services management, community order management and corporate governance. Their service areas also have various and comprehensive service titles. The work carried out under these service areas, which consists of zoning, environment, cultural structure, social support, general society order that deal with society as a whole and the institutional structure responsible for producing and implementing the services in these areas, are followed by a sustainable process management where duties and responsibilities are determined on a unit basis. 

Archaeological sources date the city of Bursa and its surroundings to 8,500 years, so Bursa is an important historical city. Osmangazi, which is the central district of the city, has a history of 2300 years and hosts many of these historical symbols. Osmangazi; It is a tourism city with its historical and cultural riches, mountain and thermal springs, an agricultural city with its unique nature and fertile plain, and an industrial and commercial city with its industrial facilities and industry. For this reason, daytime population exceeds 1 million in our district, which includes different business areas. Our Municipality aims to realize the most efficient projects for the city and the people by acting in partnership with all the dynamics of the society, with the awareness of all these riches and the obligations it brings.

 As a state institution, our Municipality carries out the strategic plan it follows in line with other programs and plans prepared at three levels, namely the province where it operates, the region where it is located, and the national, that is, it supports local, regional and national policies. We implement our projects with collaborations aiming at the development of the city and increasing social welfare within the framework of our strategic plans that directly or indirectly concern local governments in the upper policy documents, responding to local needs and ensuring that they are sustainable. Our municipality has a culture that always cares about being in dialogue with national and international networks, sister cities, public institutions and non-governmental organizations, and continues to work with the intention of opening space to increase this dialogue.