Digital Innovations in Education: Highlights from Our Turku Meeting and New Digital Games

The “School to Farm” project has achieved a major milestone with the completion of
the “School to Farm Educational Games.” We, the project members, have developed
these six digitally enhanced games, each covering crucial aspects of environmental
education in a farm setting.
The topics range from climate change to sustainable consumption, using scenarios to
improve decision-making skills and environmental awareness among students. By
turning complex concepts like energy efficiency and waste management into
interactive experiences, we have made the games more approachable and relatable.
Our main objective is to facilitate learning in a fun, engaging way that highlights the
importance of eco-friendly practices.

We tested the platform’s user-friendliness and ease of navigation to ensure that
end-users, primarily educators and students, would find it accessible and
Partner feedback indicated that the games successfully demonstrated learning
progress among users, supporting the project’s vision of promoting STEAM
learning through digital means. The positive results from this meeting showed
that the platform is ready for broader educational use, marking a significant
achievement for the School to Farm project in connecting farm education with
digital innovation.


Hello, my name is Gizem Kulaksız, and I’m a 37-year-old Project Manager representing Polygonal North from Finland. I’m married and have a delightful 4-year-old daughter. My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in teaching English and a Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching. I have extensive experience in producing educational materials and developing and coordinating project plans & schedules.
In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, a sport I’ve been passionate about since 2017. I also have a keen interest in languages and have tried learning several. Currently, my focus is on German, and I’m excited about this new linguistic challenge.