About School to Farm

The School to Farm project aims to create a set of place-based and gamified-STEAM activities that can be used in farms in environmental education as “out-of-school education,” which also complements formal education.

The project has been built on three fundamental contexts.

Place-based Learning

Using farms as a pedagogical and ecological learning environment (place-based learning) to raise environmental awareness.

Games For Farms

Developing unique didactic games in the context of STEAM by utilizing an interdisciplinary approach (not discipline specific) to be used in farms

Ecological Learning

Bringing success in school education by developing ecological competency-based learning that meets environmental education needs better.

School to Farm project, promoting interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is designed to develop unique didactic games using an interdisciplinary approach to be used in farms as a means of place-based learning. For this purpose, the first target group is the STEAM teacher and students. We aim to design Open Educational Resources in educational environments while having farm-based activities (extracurricular lessons plans).