Szkoła Podstawowa z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi 20 im. Jana Gutenberga Fundacji Szkolnej w Warszawie is one of the first non-public primary schools in Warsaw, as well as in independent Poland. It has been run continuously since 1990, by the School Foundation of Warsaw, established during the system transformation in 1989. It currently has over 500 students and 85 teachers.

Osmangazi District of the National Education Directorate is a public body under the Ministry of National Education. Our Directorate, which was established on 15.08.1988, is the official educational authority responsible for the monitoring, evaluation and development of all official and private education institutions in Osmangazi, which is the largest city with a population of 850.000 in the center of Bursa. There are 257 official and 186 private education institutions within the scope of our directorate.



Polygonal North oy has started its journey as a start-up in Finland which is offering tailor-made solutions in educational technologies, having profound techno-digital skills and fundraising strategies for the new SME”s in the world of business.

We are dedicated providing customer-oriented project solutions in the context of education particularly VET, educational software’s, Cross Platform Build (IOS & Android) development, AE, Learning Management System (LMS) integration and optimization.

Smart Umbrella is a fresh approach to address old issues! It operates as a Smart Hub and Training Center for Innovation, Start-ups, Scale-ups, Creative Industries and works with youngsters to include them in training sessions that will assist their self-development, their soft skills development, and their future entrepreneurial journey.

Specifically, Smart Umbrella is a targeted and dedicated Virtual Business and Development Hub providing Business Development Consulting through Quality Assurance, Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring, Adult Education and Training, and support through European Project Activities.



Osmangazi Municipality is a public institution affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Our municipality was established on 18.06.1987. Osmangazi is the largest and central district of Bursa, which is the 4th largest city of Turkey and consists of 17 districts. Our municipality serves Osmangazi, which is one of the biggest districts of Turkey, with a population of 862,516 people, 136 neighborhoods and an area of 70,783 hectares.

Grundzāles pamatskola (Elementary school: primary+lower secondaryl) is coeducational establishment meeting the academic, social and physical need of pupils within 7-16 age range. It is a typical school in the Latvian countryside with 111 pupils and 42 at the pre-school (2-6 age old). There are 17 creative, active and skilled teachers and 4 nice and qualified pre- school teachers. Our pupils are proud of the good achievements at the regional competitions. We also have license to teach pupils with special needs (learning difficulties). The school is very active in sports, social projects, environmental issues and other areas that are on the concern of the community.