Szkoła Podstawowa Fundacji Szkolnej

Szkoła Podstawowa z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi 20 im. Jana Gutenberga Fundacji Szkolnej w Warszawie is one of the first non-public primary schools in Warsaw, as well as in independent Poland. It has been run continuously since 1990, by the School Foundation of Warsaw, established during the system transformation in 1989. It currently has over 500 students and 85 teachers.

The school aims to educate a graduate who is characterised by a creative and critical approach to reality based on the ability to analyse facts and acquired information, a graduate who uses a developed information and communication base in various spheres of social activities. It also prepares pupils for life in an information society, for creative and safe use of the latest technologies and points out the dangers of cyberspace. The school conducts nature and environmental education, awakens interest in the world, its diversity, richness and beauty, and shapes attitudes of skilful use of the Earth’s resources and environmental protection. Students can develop critical thinking and apply their creative skills participating in a number of extracurricular classes organised here, e.g. Robotics Club or Young Explorer’s Club. For years the pupils have been entering a variety of competitions such as Olimpus, Galileo or Cangaroo,  achieving good results. 

Since 2022 all school community has also had an opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ programme. It was then that the school became a beneficiary of the project co-funded by the European Union for the first time. Since then a network of cooperating schools throughout Europe and beyond, has been systematically developing. The school has run 2 projects so far working with 8 schools and 1 current project collaborating with 1 school and 4  international organisations, both public and non-public.

Languages have always played an important role in the school. The students grow up in an environment where English has been part of their daily life since a bilingual teaching system was introduced.  Part of the geography and history content is taught in English. Since globalization is becoming increasingly present in the lives of the students, the school offers English lessons with native teachers. All these activities make a great contribution to language acquisition.   

The school can be proud of its high results in graduation examinations, its high position in school rankings (often in the top 10 schools in Poland) and the very positive evaluations of the school by its parents. This is a result of the use of pedagogical innovations and new technologies in the educational process as well as the conduct of interdisciplinary, including international, projects.