School To Farm News

Learning Resources

Game-Based and STEAM-focused Learning Resources to be used in Farming Education Brief information on the next step: This WP’s primary purpose is to provide open educational resources and extracurricular lesson plans for use in place-based learning with farm-school cooperation. The primary goal of the project is to …

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Competency Framework Story

Farm-based STEAM education refers to a teaching approach that integrates science,technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) with agricultural and farming practices. It involves using agricultural environments as a context for teaching and learning, allowing students to explore real-world issues and develop a …

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Introduction to the Project School to Farm

“School to Farm” is an innovative educational project that originated from theobservation that, for students, the real and the virtual reality seamlessly intertwine.The project brings these two worlds together. The project aims at encouragingteachers into reaching out to new technologies and innovative workin…

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The “School to Farm” project kicked off on 3-4 Nov 2022 in #Warsaw, #Poland. Partners meet up first time to work together and take actions for the development and sharing the tasks.COURSE OF THE MEETINGWelcoming and partner presentations involved in the projectReview of Project Theme/Rationale – what the proj…

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